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Stories on the Beach

heretherearoundcalm sea skiesthe beat of languagefades into fire light among friends. *** I love this form gifted to me from NaPoWriMo. For the Day 7’s prompt, they offered two forms to choose from, and they are relatively similar. One is the shadorma, and the other is the fib. Both are six lines; both use syllables … Continue reading Stories on the Beach

A Place

I find myself as I always dosomeplace familiarbut not- a deja vuea seizure of timea vibration on the stringthe wrong flight path of butterflies Clouds smeared across the skyslugs smeared across the windowan upside-down likelihood of thoughta refraction of light to make blue the place of perception,of reality,of nothingI find myself as I always dodreaming … Continue reading A Place

A Song Lost in Time or Night, Whichever Comes First

futures of fortune layunder- a creaking bedwrapped in star paper-grafted songstwinkle from tonight’swanton loneliness, oncea causation forfinite commotionfind them- Heremasked as mutinous ants. *** I have not given up on NaPoWriMo, I have been busy with school. The other day, I pumped out 4 pumps. This poem is for Day 5’s prompt, which basically says … Continue reading A Song Lost in Time or Night, Whichever Comes First

It’s My Dystopia

The end is nearfor sale empty shelves – Blockbuster videoin the middle of the night- Ronald sits by himselfin Walmart thinkinghow Sunny D goes with his outfit- There was a casino below thisballroom, now one tablesits under the chandelierwaiting for the wedding partythat never showed.Demo man takes a crystal wineglass for his wife. Hearts, sunsets, … Continue reading It’s My Dystopia

The Space in my Head

Let me jump from Jupiterinto the jazzfrom the saxophone. Someone once asked mewhen was the last timeI tasted freedom. I wroteabout a lake. Someone once asked mehow does hyacinth smelland I said like allergies. From here, I can’t see Jupiter,and I wonder if farawayhumans play jazzon the saxophone thinkingabout a planet name Juno. And look … Continue reading The Space in my Head

A Call to Breakfast

The prompt for this picture was to draw furniture on the provided clouds. I added haiku to this one. I love haiku, and I think they make the perfect addition to surrealism/lowbrow art. This is in more in line with the work I will be creating, the better I become at drawing and lettering.

Storm Surfing

The prompt for this picture is to create an upside down world. I incorporated some zentangle and learned how different pen pressures create different effects. I also tried my hand at shading. It’s not like I don’t know the concept of shading. Yet, for some reason my brain and hand do not want to work … Continue reading Storm Surfing

Welcome to my Surrealism

I mentioned a couple posts back that I wanted to be a visual artist, working in pen then moving my way up to oil paints. I also to work in surrealism/lowbrow. So, I bought fancy pens and several books. One book, How to Draw Surrealism Art: A Creative Drawing Guide for Kids by Anna Nadler … Continue reading Welcome to my Surrealism

American Zeitgeist

I am society’s division, an endemic provider, who becomes the diced divinity. A taste of democracy and judgement, I part the priced poltergeist and dole out overtime. It’s okay to share, but not too much. The spliced eventide is with that demagogue and sacrifices outlook. Pandemic tidings occur at trial and portion out the remaining. … Continue reading American Zeitgeist

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