It’s My Dystopia

The end is near
for sale empty shelves –

Blockbuster video
in the middle of the night-

Ronald sits by himself
in Walmart thinking
how Sunny D goes with his outfit-

There was a casino below this
ballroom, now one table
sits under the chandelier
waiting for the wedding party
that never showed.
Demo man takes a crystal wine
glass for his wife.

Hearts, sunsets, empty subways
RC Cola and a missing Y-

The little vintage bedroom in a sealed bunker
The Coke machine that doesn’t offer Coke
The safe place at a gas station diner
The vacant hallways, hotels, pools,
The blue-tiled room.

There’s no outlet at the
laundromat church.

It’s my dystopia
nothing is held back.


This is my NaPoWriMo’s poem for Day 4. I used the prompt which was to look at @SpaceliminalBot Twitter feed and find some inspiration.

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